Maximize Your Recovery

Our Kelowna Personal Injury Lawyers help accident victims:

1. Minimize their time and stress dealing with ICBC;

2. Access the best advice on injury treatment and recovery;

3. Receive the necessary supports along the way to maximize recovery; and

4. Receive full compensation for all injuries and losses.


Experienced Legal Advice

Know your rights.

If another person caused your injuries, you are entitled to compensation for your losses.

While our clients are guided through the recovery process, we document every aspect of their loss,  bringing the best evidence forward to ensure that fair compensation is received once physical recovery is maximized.

Regardless of fault, people injured in motor vehicle accidents may be entitled to: 

  • Wage benefits while unable to work;
  • Treatment expenses, including medication, physiotherapy, massage and
  • Chiropractic treatments;
  • Homemaking services; and
  • Other medically necessary services and expenses

Medical Referrals and Support

Our clients are supported throughout their recovery process, now matter how long it takes.

With Okanagan Personal Injury, access the best advice on injury treatment and recovery.

Our team stays in direct communication with your medical practitioners. So you can focus on getting better, while we take care of everything else.



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